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David Lapshin

Passionate designer, translator, and FOSS contributor.

About Me

Hello there! My name is David, you may know me by my online handle Daudix.

Although Daudix may appear as just my online handle, it’s actually slightly different persona; perhaps more silly and honest than the “official” David, but they’re so tightly tied together so it’s fine to use whatever you like.

I’m from the Siberian part of Russia, but currently live in a̸͙͠b̴̛ͅȳ̴̜s̴̫̄s̸̞̒.

Oh and I’m slightly shy.

Some things I like:

Design is perhaps a bit more than just a thing I like, it’s my hobby and I’m learning more about it every day, although lately I’ve been a bit burned out.

And, as you can see, I do some web development! I like working with CSS and HTML but that’s about it, I have no clue how to work with JS :D

My favorite games are:


I mostly create and improve icons for around-GNOME apps, if app doesn’t have a translation I do it, sometimes I help with UI design.

Currently member of Nickvision and Gradience teams as a designer and maintainer respectively.

Have a look at my designs, mostly icons but also some wallpapers (one of them is even shipped with GNOME)

Small Web

Small Web is something I really like, I’m member of multiple tildes/pubnixes, although I don’t do much there yet, I still like to be part of them.


Gemini capsules:

I also have a website on neocities.org, check it out.

Tilde invasion


Seriously, they’re awesome!

a proud member of the green team of 512KB club ddg firefox3 getimiskon notoweb3 ronbutton seirdy statuscafe adhd any2 anythingbut besteyes2 bestviewed16bit fuckchrome imac linux_powered neo-fedi yarrr

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Hey, you, yes, you. Got website and a button? I have a deal for you! Just ping me somewhere and I’ll add it here, piece of cake.