This website is made with great love and attention to details, is constantly updated to be as good as possible, and tries to be very lightweight and (somewhat) compatible with older browsers. At very least, it works on iOS 15 and macOS High Sierra; which I’m sure a lot of people still use.

It used to be hosted on GitHub pages, then on Codeberg Pages, then on, and now it’s hosted on Codeberg Pages again.

Why all this mess? Well, at first I migrated to Codeberg, then I joined which provided way faster CI and overall easier workflow, in addition to prettier domain, but then I found out that only exozyme members can open issues/pull requests on exogit, which isn’t good for a FOSS project like Duckquill, so I have set up a two-way mirror at Forgejo Next, since Codeberg doesn’t allow two-way mirrors to prevent high load on infrastructure. Everything worked well until one day, when Forgejo Next wiped all the data; accounts and repos. I had to do something, and so I moved back to Codeberg.