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Currently it’s (UTC+3) for me, so take that into consideration if I don’t respond promptly.


Check my online status on the home page in the form of a small dot on the avatar.

Feel free to send me a message on any of these. Whether you’re bored or need someone to listen to you, I’m always open!

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die in a fire


List of places where you can stalk find me on:


This is not a complete list but rather places where I’m somewhat active. You can find me on other platforms as well, although make sure it’s the real me by asking first.

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I have changed the Fediverse instance I’m on, so to make sure nothing is lost, here is my Fediverse timeline:

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  1. 05 May 2024 - Today Main profile
  2. 08 Jan 2024 - Today Personal profile
  3. 20 Nov 2023 - 07 May 2024
    social.treehouse.systemsMain profile
  4. 01 Sep 2022 - 20 Nov 2023 Main profile


I was using GitHub from the very start of my FOSS journey, but (not so) recently I’ve migrated to Codeberg, because I didn’t like the direction where GitHub is heading.